Unfairness still carries a sting


Shuffle, shuffle, kick dirt.
A pebble flies, a shoe dusty.
The kid shuffles along.
Spots the pebble, kicks it.

Shoulders slouched, a sigh heard.
Hands tucked in pockets.
Anger felt, the pebble kicked again.
Stamping of feet in a tantrum.

The same pebble being kicked.
From school all the way home.
Tense, to face the music soon.
A report card burning a ‘D’ .

The mark for bad conduct.
The pebble kicked one last time.
The teacher was mean, a tyrant.
The ‘D’ was unfair, the fault another’s.

Daddy was going to be disappointed.
Eyes tearing, punishment awaits.
Never will a ‘D’ be a mark in the future.
The look of disappointment hurts a lot.

A bitter lesson learned on truth.
Others may not believe you.
Tears long since dried up for that kid.
But the unfairness still carries a sting.

By C.E. Pereira


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