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Is this a dream of heaven?


The banquet full of glitter.
Dressed in finery and gems.
The first waltz, the music hums.
Held in arms wrapped with love.

Is this a glimpse of heaven?
The King’s court twinkles.
Perfection depicted in paintings.
Each imagination superb.

The ballroom in splendour.
Smiles and laughter spreads.
Hearts overflowing with love.
The King seated on the throne.

Is this heaven in full glory?
Gold adorns the lamp-stands.
Light, white and pure.
Dazzling in awe and wonder.

Clouds like cotton candy.
Of harps and halos aplenty.
Bells ringing, trumpets sound.
The pull of music, cymbals clash.

A peek through the windows.
Is this the heaven I imagine?
Garments of splendour worn.
Rubies and sapphires, sparkling.

Souls in white robes.
Blinded by their brightness.
Is this a dream of heaven?
The longing of a soul seeking.

By C.E. Pereira