Fantasy and Faerie Magic….. A Collection

I am a dreamer. My heart beats to the tune of my dreams. Here, I dance with faeries and pixies. Or, I’m taken into the shadows of darkness with witches and the unknown. These are my dreamscape into fantasy and faerie magic. I hope you love my poems as much as I have loved creating them.

  1. Amidst the sunflowers
  2. Secrets of the forest
  3. He hiccuped, then sneezed
  4. Faerie dust sparkles in dreams
  5. The pen dances with the soul
  6. How magical a night this was
  7. The witch
  8. Awake, Bronze Gladiator
  9. Trapped in the moon’s shadow
  10. My real story
  11. I dreamed in a dream
  12. Will she get her happy ending?
  13. The gift of the gab
  14. Dance of the fairies
  15. Imaginary friend
  16. I dreamt a world with peace
  17. The gift of the storyteller
  18. Once upon a time
  19. The kid feared no dragons
  20. Diamonds of the night
  21. The Secret Place
  22. The day the fairies and pixies danced
  23. My Guardian Angel
  24. My crazy dreams