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A living hell caught on film

I was horrified.
I couldn’t turn away.
This was not a movie.
I felt sick and helpless.

Who filmed the video?
To stomach such brutality.
Was it taken from a CCTV?
To film and no one intervened.

Shared on social media platforms.
A chilling video, detailed abuse.
Slapped and punched; kicked and thrown.
A child’s torture; the adult monster.

The child beaten with a stick.
Shaken like a ragged doll.
Hit again and again with the stick.
A living hell caught on film.

A four and a half-minute horror.
I couldn’t even stomach thirty seconds.
A message tagged to share this clip.
Is this the path society is taking?

I pray that justice did happen.
Behind bars with no parole.
I pray that child is now safe.
No more waking nightmares; no monsters.

By C.E. Pereira