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No Entry

The white sands of a beach.
With clear blue skies.
A reflection on the ocean.
No entry, private property.

Luxury homes on the hills.
Overlooking the blue ocean.
Their own secluded beach.
No entry, a gated community.

Terrace houses of medium-income.
Easy access neighbourhoods.
Crime rate on the increase.
A guarded neighbourhood formed.

What is the difference?
Only one entry in and out.
The other has multiple entry.
The privileged, the tattered looking.

The privileged with money.
In the limelight of the public.
Afraid of kidnappers and paparazzi.
Of ending up on the tabloids.

When did fear take over?
The fear of living without gates.
Of locking ourselves in prisons.
Afraid of our own shadow.

Public roads with guard points.
No entry without permission.
Halt! Security checks.
A prison to keep us safe.

By C.E. Pereira