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The kid feared no dragons


The kid with fears.
Fear dominated, fear ruled.
The fear of hunger.
Cold fear gnawing.

The kid cries in anguish.
Hunger inside, growling.
Clawing, sharp pain.
Sanctuary, the mind calls.

Finding the key.
Unlocking the images.
Enter this secret world.
A sanctuary found.

Escaping from reality.
Blank pages changing.
Stories coming alive.
Into the lair of dragons.

Dragons spitting fire.
Of dragons not feared.
Flying dragons.
Onto their back, riding.

Of dragons not feared.
From the blank pages
the dragons appeared.
The kid shows no fear.

This key kept hidden.
To be used when needed.
Blank pages waiting
for the kid to imagine.

A safe place, this sanctuary.
To rest a weary body.
Where fear is defeated.
To restore courage, to mend.

By C.E. Pereira