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We are romantics at heart

Free Clip art by Liftarn

Little girls in white veils.
Wearing Mummy’s high-heals.
They dream of the future.
Of walking down the aisle.

Dreaming of Prince Charming.
To be swept off one’s feet.
He with a romantic proposal.
Romance knocking on love’s door.

We are romantics at heart.
To be wooed during courtship.
Wine, dined and bouquets.
The budding of a romance.

But dreams can diminish.
And romance become elusive.
Yet, we chase after the dream.
Will romance lead us to love?

A vision of loveliness this lass.
Even if it rains, she is radiant.
This lass walks down the aisle.
Today she’ll wear his ring.

Her wedding day.
Romance at its best.
Tears of joy flows.
Love radiates, she radiates.

By C.E. Pereira