Do you feel lucky?

Misty looking like a professional gambler at the card table.

Flip a coin, call it.
A gamble you’re willing to take.
You wanna bet? Throw the dice.
Is this you? Would you trust luck?

The luck of the draw; win or lose.
Never quite in reach; elusive.
Chasing that pot of gold.
The Irish luck at rainbows’ end.

The pull of a gamble.
The draw of the cards.
The disappointments, losing.
The exhilaration in winning.

Good luck, bad luck: win or lose.
Lessons learnt; easy come… easy go.
One minute – luck on my side.
The next – luck has left me.

One should not depend on luck.
Luck is fleeting, no guarantees.
Know when to quit, never look back.
Fold your cards, walk away.

By C.E. Pereira

In My Dreams I reached out and touched reality!

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