As I walk, I am not alone

My day starts before dawn.
I set off for my walk.
The neighbourhood is still asleep.
Only my footsteps is heard.

In the stillness I am with God.
I say good morning to Him.
I thank Him and praise Him.
As I walk, I am not alone.

The birds are awake.
I hear them up in the trees.
Are they praising God too?
I would like to think so.

The stars and the moon above.
The dark sky changing to light.
I see clouds, sunrise almost here.
For a while longer I enjoy the fading night.

As I walk, my shadow follows.
In front or behind me.
Or on the right or left.
Even when I cannot see it.

I know my shadow is my constant.
So too is God even when I doubt.
But on my daily walks I am with God.
In the quiet of dawn I am not alone.

By C.E. Pereira