To brave each day with heart

To feel contented.
Is this happy? No.
Yet not unhappy altogether.
A heartbeat as steady as is.

The day went smooth.
Errands with no detours.
Nerves relaxed; no stress.
A day sprinkled with softness.

Each day is never smooth.
Burdens to carry; benches to rest.
Some days sad; some rejoicing.
It has pockets of happiness.

This day brought anxiety.
Someone sick; worry sets in.
To be far away from home.
While fear clutches the heart.

Uneasiness follows. On edge.
Afraid! Panic sets in.
Cannot breathe. Anxious.
Pacing with worry. Pray.

A dose of prayer.
For strength within.
To brave each day with heart.
Without which death laughs.

By C.E. Pereira

In My Dreams I reached out and touched reality!

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