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The City: Always growing, ever-changing

The KL Twin Towers in the background.
The KL Twin Towers in the background.

A drive into the city.
As familiar, yet changed.
Something new springs up.
It wasn’t there last week.

Hands free, feeling bored.
I dig out my hand-phone.
What will catch my sight?
Almost everything I see.

I focus, I click the shots.
Anything and everything.
Snap here, snap there.
The city I know, yet new.

The camera brings focus.
A different angle of take.
New angles I see, snap.
Buildings captured, print.

By C.E. Pereira

The KL tower peeking out in the background.
The KL tower reflected on the glass panels a building.
The impressive Maju Junction, the Pedestrian Walk (left) and the Monorail (right).
A bit too slow: Can you see a little of the tail-end of the monorail train?
Hotel Buddy’s: This must be a new hotel as I would have noticed it before because my friend’s name is Buddy.
How rare to see coconut trees in the city.
On going constructions a common sight in Kuala Lumpur city.
The Klang River flows under two flyovers (right). The condominium in the foreground has to be extremely expensive being located in the city centre.
Flyovers crisscrossing at the Jalan Duta roundabout.
What are the odds I'd be lucky to spot a train heading north let alone take a decent photo shoot.
What are the odds I’d be lucky to spot a train heading north, let alone, take a decent photo shoot.
Highway to Nowhere: This highway was supposed to lead to Mont Kiara but it didn’t happen.