Poems from My Heart

I started writing my poems a long time ago. I’ve lost some and the earliest one I have is from 1986. I am no Allen Edgar Poe or Helen Steiner Rice but if you stumble into this page, I hope you’ll take a moment to read these poems and enjoy them.


I write what is in my heart
My yearnings and desires
Of wanting the impossible
And touching reality in my dreams

I enter into this magic world
The imagination, my solitude
Here is my place where I can be myself
To let go and for a moment be free

This place where there are no lies
What I write is my truth
The soul tells my story
The heart beats to its song

Sometimes happy, sometimes sad
Of love found, of love lost
Finding a friend, seeking you
Always loving, Forever loved

Do you want to listen
Of my thoughts and dreams
Come into this land of my heart
And touch what my soul desires

By C. E. Pereira

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Index of Poems from My Heart (2013)

  1. 12-11-2013: Prayer
  2. 9-11-2013: Not to be harsh
  3. 3-11-2013: Hope
  4. 31-10-2013: The secret place
  5. 17-10-2013: A loyal worker
  6. 30-9-2013: Growing old
  7. 28-9-2013: A routine day
  8. 24-9-2013: Canvas of life
  9. 21-9-2013: A wallflower
  10. 16-9-2013: The Kites
  11. 15-9-2013: The day the fairies and pixies danced
  12. 11-9-2013: Ten Cents
  13. 10-9-2013: The mini bus
  14. 3-9-2013: The River
  15. 2-9-2013: Flushed out of hiding
  16. 1-9-2013: A Blank Page
  17. 24-8-2013: My Guardian Angel
  18. 22-8-2013: The Killing Of Trees
  19. 16-6-2013: Without

4 thoughts on “Poems from My Heart

    1. Your picture of the hummingbird was vibrant with such bright colours. Such beauty can only come from God and thank you for sharing this beauty with us bloggers. I look forward to more of your posting. God Bless, Carol

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