Once upon a time …. long, long ago, I took to sketching comic characters from the comics that I read. I filled one sketch book with my sketches and lost interest to start another book.

Last week, I found the long forgotten sketch book. It made me smile to see my attempt at bringing out my artistic talent all those years ago. I did have fun while it lasted and I was not too bad at sketching. My sketches may be amateurish but you will recognize the comic characters from The Beano, The Dandy, Archie and Jughead, and a few Disney characters too.

As the sketch book is 30 years old and may not survive more years,  I took out my camera to photograph all the sketches and then post them here.

I started reading these comics in the late 1960’s and have always enjoyed them. I have written short summaries for each character and the time-line information searched from the internet.

Besides my sketches, I have taken up a new hobby in ‘Colours and Doodles’ the latest craze in town. Colouring helps to relax and de-stress me. My colouring books are fun, it’s filled with fantastic drawings just waiting for me to colour .

Thank you for taking the time to view these sketches and colouring pieces. Comments are always welcome.

Dated: 10-11-2014

 Index according to date posted:

  1. 7-12-2016: Harry Potter at Diagon Alley
  2. 27-4-2016: Feathers in all shades
  3. 19-4-2016: Last three sketches of the 1980’s
  4. 18-4-2016: Daffy Duck
  5. 13-4-2016: Grandpa
  6. 11-4-2016: Baby Crockett
  7. 10-4-2016: Billy Whizz
  8. 8-4-2016: Colonel Blink: The Short-Sighted Gink
  9. 7-4-2016: Goofy
  10. 6-4-2016: Popeye the Sailor Man
  11. 5-4-2016: Scamp – Lady and the Tramp’s son
  12. 4-4-2016: Richard the Lion
  13. 3-4-2016: Casper and Wendy
  14. 2-4-2016: Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
  15. 2-4-2016: Sam and Winky
  16. 30-3-2016: Whiskers of the Nibblers
  17. 25-3-2016: Spring
  18. 1-3-2016: Little Dot and Richie Rich
  19. 28-2-2016: The Pink Panther
  20. 26-2-2016: Peanuts
  21. 24-2-2016: The Jungle Book
  22. 23-2-2016: The Owl
  23. 22-2-2016: The Seahorse
  24. 21-2-2016: The Archie comics
  25. 20-2-2016: Pinocchio
  26. 20-2-2016: Jiminy Cricket
  27. 20-2-2016: Dopey
  28. 20-2-2016: Grumpy
  29. 18-2-2016: The Lone Wolf
  30.  28-1-2016: The Lion King in full Majestic Glory
  31.  28-1-2016: The Dreamcatcher
  32.  15-1-2016: The latest craze in town
  33.  24-2-2015: Ginger
  34.  24-2-2015: Pop, Dick and Harry
  35.  19-1-2015: Korky The Cat
  36.  15-1-2015: Bully Beef
  37.  4-12-2014: Hungry Horace
  38.  4-12-2014: Ali’s Baba
  39.  4-12-2014: The Smasher
  40.  4-12-2014: Greedy Pigg, Sir Coward de Custard & Robin Hood’s School Days
  41.  23-11-2014: Baby-Face Finlayson
  42.  13-11-2014: Minnie The Minx
  43.  12-11-2014: The Bash Street Kids
  44.  10-11-2014: Dennis the Menace and Gnasher

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