The camera follows me on all my trips. I like to think of myself as an artist without the paintbrush. Through the lens I paint the pictures that pulls at me especially the ones with scenic themes. Does this mean I’m more of a country girl than a city girl, I think I am.

Some of my photographs are tagged with verses from the Bible. It is my way to thanking God for the beauty of nature.

Western Australia in its ruggedness of terrain mixed with colourful and unique wildflowers had me in awe. It was a holiday filled with wonderful experiences that I will always treasure in my heart.

England was different altogether with its gentle slopes, rustic English gardens and the comfy homes.

I have set foot in many far away foreign lands. When I left I took with me images of wonder, beauty and awe which I share here with you.

My tagline – “In my dreams I reached out and touched reality!” has been a source of motivation always. I may not be a master of anything but I have tried to do the things I most wanted to. And photography is one of them.

So, dear readers, take a step into this world of mine and let your imagination see beyond the photographs. Do you see what my lens have seen and captured in that moment of time.

Dated: 27-6-2015

Photos by Topics:

  1. Blooms in the day and close at night
  2. Hitchhiking… no, just resting!
  3. Is it a flower ring?
  4. A bee buzzing for nectar
  5. My wild Petunia is thriving
  6. Sunset through the windshield
  7. Cobwebs and cotton candy in the sky
  8. A honeycomb
  9. Radiance in bloom
  10. Wild Petunia in my garden
  11. Happy Chinese New Year
  12. Twilight in unique sleep poses
  13. Sunrise!
  14. My Christmas montage
  15. A migraine … a hangover …?
  16. Advent….preparing for Christmas
  17. Nature turns dull and gray
  18. Nature’s fluffy cotton balls
  19. Pumpkin, all spiffy and handsome
  20. Diagon Alley Book Nook
  21. A green bee
  22. The moon between the clouds
  23. A glow in the clouds
  24. The shutter closed and beauty emerged
  25. Stretching exercises… cat version
  26. In that moment of time
  27. What my cats would say, if they could talk
  28. Three pretty maids in a row
  29. Droplets of water
  30. Nature grows quietly
  31. My potted garden
  32. Foot Ferns
  33. A beautiful sky
  34. A bud yesterday… a flower today
  35. What insect is this?
  36. Chilli Padi: Hot! Hot! Hot!
  37. Defying the odds
  38. Storm clouds
  39. My furry pals
  40. Collecting stamps as a hobby
  41. Menu for breakfast or lunch
  42. A full moon
  43. Hoot of the owl
  44. My home during Christmas
  45. The cat in the box
  46. Happy Halloween
  47. Blue skies are back
  48. Old charm mosaic
  49. Monuments of the brave
  50. Moorish Architecture
  51. Historical Churches
  52. Flower: A type of Balsam
  53. Flower: Jungle Flame
  54. Lemang
  55. Art is art in any form
  56. Twilight and sleep yoga
  57. Twilight: From sleep yoga to a model
  58. A Reflection of Nature

A model of a Perak Traditional Rumah Kampung. – Photo by C.E. Pereira

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Ireland 2017: Flowers, Wildflowers & Plants

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Alaska: Moose and her baby (9 June 2016)

Alaska: Glaciers (11 June 2016)

Alaska: Wilderness Express (8 June 2016)

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My Travel Timeline 4: 1996 (Theme Parks, USA

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The City: Always growing, ever changing
The City: Always growing, ever-changing

My red “pom-pom”

My Garden – A hodgepodge of mother nature

Droplets of rain

Western Australia – Flora and Fauna

An English Garden

Western Australia - 2010
Gallery: Bible Quotes

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