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I am Eurasian


Is having mixed parentage a stigma?
It is not the bane of this Eurasian.
Ancestors who defied the odds.
I am a part of each of them.

The plunge taken for love.
To marry out of one’s race.
During a time when it was taboo.
As different from day and night.

I come from these loving souls.
Who braved the odds and set sail.
In a foreign land love stayed.
Offsprings with a new legacy.

The world branded them Eurasians.
Inter-marriages with a sharp sting.
A mark their children were given.
Never to carry their father’s race.

Some backed out of marriage.
The pull of their homeland stronger.
Their lovers left behind, silent.
Skeletons in the family closets.

I am a quarter of four grandparents.
And a pinch of others not recorded.
I treasure my mixed heritage.
I am Eurasian.

By C.E. Pereira

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