Elusive Love

I came into this world loved.
A heart overflowing with love.
A heart with no doubts of loving.
I knew I was loved and I loved back.

Then came teenage love, bursting to share.
Of first love given freely, fully.
A cruel lesson when love is rejected.
I did not understand this rejection.

I have scars of love rejected.
My heart bruised and broken.
First love just blooming
He chose another, never explaining.

The despair of heart-break I felt.
I curled up but not a tear shed.
My heart hurting, shattered pieces.
I built a wall, I hid my love.

My heart healing, the pain dulled.
With caution I gave love another chance.
Yet love was elusive, I lost again.
And my heart shattered once more.

Even though I continue searching for love.
My heart waits to be rejected.
Bracing to be shattered again.
I cling to the rope, afraid to let go.

So the thought of giving freely,
this heart of mine I won’t.
To throw caution to the wind, never again.
For I rolled the dice and lost love.

By C.E. Pereira


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