Into the pages of a story book


Toys and books were a luxury, out of reach.
Being poor meant looking but not having.
To want a toy so badly took months of saving.
Just to be disappointed, the toy was sold out.

Story books were my escape from reality.
When I read the stories, I become a part of it.
For a little while I am free from hardships.
The school library was a haven for me.

I turned to my imagination for comfort.
A cardboard box found at the dump-site,
Sitting inside, I let my mind take me on adventures,
A spaceship, a race car, just like in those story books,
my mind created the magic for play.

But nothing could beat story books.
My favourites were adventures and mysteries.
Through these books I travelled to far lands.
A world I could touch through words read.

I laughed and cried turning each page slowly.
Romance curled my toes, murder sent chills down my spine.
I re-read chapters of Agatha Christie’s books.
And other favourites got read more than once.

I salute those authors that pen words so alive.
Words turning into pictures, the imagination creating.
Taking the reader into the pages of a story.
Escape from the now, away from the drudgery.

I have my own library now lined with story books.
Books borrowed as a child, I now own as favourites.
Through the years, I have re-read my books.
And still, I am drawn into the pages with excitement.

By C.E. Pereira


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