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I’ll remember for both of us

Clockwise from top: My Mum Ruth at 92-years-old; on her 85th birthday celebration and family photo when I was 6.  – Collage by C.E. Pereira

My Notebook: Printed Pages – 13

By C.E. Pereira

My Mum’s birthday was on April 3rd. She is 92-years-old. There was no big celebration, no family gathering. No fanfare. Just another ordinary day. But, it is not. Not when Dementia is the elephant in the room. Not when it takes everything away. And continues to plunder, until nothing is left.

We got her a small cake, the size of a cupcake, with one candle. We sang ‘Happy Birthday’, she did not response. And I had to blow the candle out. But she did enjoy eating the cake. And just maybe, somewhere deep in her mind, a spark of memory of us is in there. But I’ll remember for both of us, always.