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Our world contagious; exploding; dying!

From a distance the world looks peaceful.
– Artwork by C.E. Pereira

Daily, we face our own battles.
We work, we play, we cry, we survive.
Life as we knew it is stuck in time.
Yet, we get through the day somehow.

Collectively, our world is in battle.
The unseen enemy killing millions.
The fear of contact continues its grip.
Yet, this is not the only enemy among us.

One man coverts his neighbour’s land.
War breaks out! More suffering.
Man kills! Man destroys! Death wins!
It will be written in our history books.

Our unseen enemy grows stronger.
There is tiredness behind the mask.
The vicious man continues his war.
Our world contagious; exploding; dying!

By C.E. Pereira