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Craving a dreamless sleep


I sigh when night comes.
I fall into bed exhausted.
My head hits the pillow.
I’m already fast asleep.

Yet, my sleep is troubled.
I turn and toss. Restless.
In dreams, fear clogs.
My nights are unsettling.

Into my dreamscape.
I sense fear. I panic.
Icy cold. Pitch dark.
I run. My lungs bursting.

My nights are not calm.
My dreamscape is dark.
Morning brings relief.
Fear fades, night gone.

Half awake, still sleepy.
Feeling fatigue. Tired.
My body aching all over.
Dead tired on my feet.

I am restless and troubled.
Craving a dreamless sleep.
What was in the shadows?
I don’t remember any of it.

By C.E. Pereira