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After all, why the hurry!


It’s nine o’clock and I’m zonked.
No energy for other things.
I’m hungry. I’m tired. I sigh.
Lots more chores to be done.

A sit down with a cup of coffee.
Listening to country music.
I fall asleep. Coffee untouched.
Naps just happens. No warnings.

I told myself I’ll do lots of things.
When I retired… I told myself.
I have all the time in the world.
Yet, I cannot find the time.

It’s not fair. I scream.
Silently. Not out loud.
This is the time I dreamed.
But I am held ransom at home.

And so I do the chores.
The bigger picture is hidden.
I’ll try to finish my chores.
I put aside the Now, chores await.

So, I continue doing my chores.
And I’ll rest now and then.
After all, why the hurry!
On reflection, I’ll not dwell.

By C.E. Pereira