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I envy


I envy for I lack.
Words so hard to form.
But covet I do not.
Words of another easily formed.

Each day a new input.
Not flawed but superb.
Such talent flow out.
I read, I admire.

Blogs that update daily.
Awesome masterpieces or not.
Words penned with emotions.
Diligently by committed writers.

I envy for I lack.
A mind slow to connect.
But covet I do not.
The mind that’s fast to connect.

My soul speaks fast.
Words tumble out, jumbled.
But the muse in me cries.
As I struggle with words.

Words like a jigsaw puzzle.
Tediously connecting each.
Sentences formed, rewritten.
When finished, moderate.

I envy for I lack.
No patterns of rhyme.
But covet I do not.
Of rhymes that distinguish poetry.

By C.E. Pereira