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Dec 25: The story of Christmas told again


“You can never truly enjoy Christmas until you can look up into the Father’s face and tell him you have received his Christmas gift.” – John R. Rice

Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. – Luke 2:11

The Angel Gabriel
Sent by God announces
Mary full of grace
Chosen by the Father

Blessed among all women
The Blessed Virgin Mary
Blessed in turn all women too
The Mother of Jesus

In a dream appeared
The angel of the Lord
Joseph son of David
The carpenter, betrothed to Mary

Do not be afraid
Take Mary as your wife
A Son is to be born
You must name him Jesus

The baby is born
The Prince of Peace
In a stable, not a castle
swaddling clothes, no finery

A beacon for three kings
The Star of Bethlehem
Shepherds too followed
This shinning star

An homage to the baby
Gold, frankincense and myrrh
Gifts for the King
The Saviour, the Son of God.

Good Tidings and Peace to all on Earth.
A Blessed and Joyous Christmas to you and your family.
May the Peace of the infant baby fill your hearts.
Gloria in Exclesis Deo. Alleluia. The Lord is come.

C.E. Pereira