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Humanity died on that day


A week has gone by,
seven days of tears
yesterday a sombre day
40 coffins, 40 hearses.

The first batch of remains
in silence the soldiers carried
these coffins with such care
respect and dignity to the victims.

More wooden boxes to fill
waiting to be brought home
the process a long emotional one
to identify these victims of MH17.

Heartbreaking stories, you read
tears choke you,
loved ones break down, sobbing
give words of comfort.

Anger at such a senseless act
This nightmare is real
some coping with their loss
others still reeling from their loss.

The field where the wreck lay
dotted with sunflowers,
the scarred ground silent
a peaceful greenery so deceiving.

Will they stand up to this crime?
or will fingers point at each other.
We must be the voice for MH17
For humanity died on that day.

By C.E. Pereira