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The questions on life

What is life?
A question I ask myself.
These, my thoughts.
Yet, incomplete.

What is life?
A gift to be thankful.
A hell to curse.
Or neither!

What is life?
Hard work and sweat.
With snatches of joy.
And lessons in pain.

What is life?
Sunrise. Sunset.
New turns to old.
The earth remains.

What is life?
Bubbles of happiness.
Fleeting, we crave it.
And dream of it.

What is life?
Boy meets girl.
Shared joy and pain.
Love remains.

What is life?
Sufferings endured.
Tears that fall.
Pain continues.

What is life?
We enter alone.
We leave alone.
All is temporary.

What is life?
The falling into sin.
Submerged in dark waters.
As the anchor pulls.

What is life?
A moment of joy.
Illusions created.
In dreams we dare.

What is life?
Unchartered maps.
Crossroads of life.
Look at the compass.

What is life?
The good, the bad!
The encounters.
The journey itself.

What is life?
Chasing the unknown.
Is all futile?
Only death is certain.

What is life?
Is there an answer?
We question.
The list is endless.

By C.E. Pereira