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It is autumn that touches my heart

My homeland is of sunshine and rain.
Evergreen trees and endless heat.
But the colours of autumn pulls my soul.
While a winter wonderland is but a dream.

I tasted autumn in my travels.
But found summer too hot and dry.
Spring and winter remain a dream.
Yet, my mind sees them in paintings.

The earth asleep, covered with snow.
Winter a time of resting, so too must we.
Spring awakes, life sprouts in abundance.
And autumn orchestras a symphony in colours.

You are lucky, a changing canvas!
The colours of the seasons so different.
To see the changing of God’s painting.
While all I have, is but a dream.

Here, a canvas in shades of green.
Could it be envy that blocks my mind?
A canvas of fluffy or stormy clouds.
Could it be envy that blinds my eyes?

All of nature’s beauty pulls at me.
Yet it is autumn that touches my heart.
I am in awe of His brush strokes.
The painter of such masterpieces.

I will travel far in search.
To see such wonders of God.
Each season a canvas of beauty.
I will thank God for His paintings.

By C.E. Pereira