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I see this virus mutating

The fear of this unknown enemy creates our monsters. – Black Canvas art by C.E. Pereira

Our world is at a standstill.
We fear this unknown enemy.
There is still no cure found.
The future holds much fear.

Stepping outside has high risks.
It is done when the larder is low.
We learn of ways to protect.
Face mask is a new dress code.

My imagination runs wild.
I see this virus mutating.
We are in this for a long haul.
The infected keep increasing.

Of life that I took for granted.
Always planning my future.
The notion of there’s tomorrow.
Now, I cannot see beyond today.

I cling to hope for a cure.
Light will disperse darkness.
I continue to pray for healing.
God hears us. We must trust.

By C.E. Pereira