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Don’t judge, lest you are

As Dandelions float in the wind, you will one day cease to be. – by C.E. Pereira

Don’t judge too harshly.
Lest you are judged.
It hurts. It shames.
One chance to say sorry.

Your warning given out.
You feel proud policing.
Catching offenders. Accusing!
Until you make a mistake.

You are in the other shoe.
Being lectured. Judged!
Having to eat humble pie.
Saying sorry is not easy.

You learn to have empathy.
To gently correct another.
Privately, never publicly.
We all need to safe face.

Don’t judge, lest you are.
For yours might be harsher.
A lose of ones dignity in public.
No one deserves such hurt.

As Dandelions float in the wind.
You will one day cease to be.
A memory remains behind.
Will it fade with regrets?

By C.E. Pereira