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Uncertain times


Power crazy.
Self interest.
Personal gain.
The “I” always first.

We voted them.
The people’s choice.
A clean government.

They serve us.
That’s what we think.
How wrong are we?
They fail utterly.

Through the backdoor!
Where is democracy?
A lost ideal, I hope not.

Today, ruling party.
Tomorrow, opposition.
Prime Minister resigns.
King chooses a new one

A petition to sign.
What difference?
To ensure freedom?
Always! We try.

Yet, we got to nowhere.
The pile of mess remains.
Nowhere to now, here.
Uncertain times!

By C.E. Pereira

With Hope in my prayers for my country, Malaysia and her people, I take solace in the Word of God.

Habakkuk 3:17-19
[17] (For the fig tree is not to blossom, nor will the vines bear fruit, the olive crop will disappoint and the fields will yield no food; the sheep will vanish from the fold; no cattle in the stalls.)
[18] But I shall rejoice in God, I shall exult in God my Saviour.
[19] God, my Lord, is my strength; he will make my feet as light as a doe’s, and set my steps on the heights.