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Come Christmas, that kid appears

Pictures by Pixabay

A child’s Christmas memories.
Of baby Jesus in the manger.
The star on top the Christmas tree.
The songs of Christmas Carols.

A child’s Christmas magic.
Mama’s little helper in baking.
Helping Papa decorate the tree.
A treasure box full of stills.

The night before Christmas.
Trying to stay awake and failing.
Sleepy eyes fixed with wonder.
Waiting for Father Christmas.

Christmas morning bring surprises
Presents under the Christmas tree.
Laughter heard, followed by squeals.
The joy of tearing open the wrappers.

The toys that brought hours of fun.
The smell of roast chicken in the oven.
Of family laughter, squabbles and hugs.
That magical time never forgotten.

Then, one day that kid was gone.
The face in the mirror a stranger.
The worry of everyday in that face.
But come Christmas, that kid appears.

By C.E. Pereira