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Secrets of the forest

The Forest – Pixs by C.E. Pereira

Deep in the woods.
The trees keep hidden.
Home of the good people.

The oak tree, the ash tree.
Fairy trees of legends told.
Secrets behind shadows.
Magic and mystic abound.

Among the flowers and bees.
They fly with the dragonflies.
Leaving a trail of faerie dust.
That sprinkles on butterflies.

Faerie Suncatchers – Pix by C.E. Pereira

Birds, high up on tree tops.
Such joyful music heard.
Beneath the canopy of trees.
Mushrooms sprouts aplenty.

Music of faeries in the wind.
Mere mortals cannot hear.
Only on a moonlight night.
The faeries dance, magic happens.

By C.E. Pereira