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Diamonds of the night

The night sky dotted with billions of stars. – Pixabay

Will you pick me a star?
Just one out of billions.
Name the star after me.
This is but a dream, mine.

The stars are falling.
Burning as they travel.
The night sky lights up.
A shooting star streaks.

Each time a star falls,
Is a baby being born?
When we die are we placed,
to be among the stars?

Eyes locked on the night sky.
I see beauty beyond awesome.
Like diamonds on black velvet.
Stars bright, night stars.

The bright lights of a city.
Over shadow the stars above.
But in the open countryside,
No city lights, only stars.

Twinkle, twinkle little star.
A Nursery rhyme still shinning.
Timeless and precious a diamond.
Stars shinning down from heaven.

The night canvas comes alive.
Look up and praise God.
Sprinkles of stars twinkle.
Diamonds of the night sky.

By. C.E. Pereira