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A metaphor

The sun rays seeping in.
Through the window blinds.
Warmth touching my skin.
This is but a daydream.

There is no such view.
I am not awaken by warmth.
Just the buzz of the alarm clock.
Yet, the old normal has vanished.

My mundane days are over.
As the world has turned cold.
A dirty fog tainting all life.
Painting ugliness for the future.

From the fog spews out arrows.
In flight they find their target.
Those hit, succumb to its poison.
Humanity is being attacked.

Of defeat, the megaphone spreads.
In the fog there are barbs and thorns.
Traps hidden. Traps deadly. Waiting!
It is like a ghost, unseen, yet scary.

The world has woken up in fear.
It is Halloween every day, everywhere.
A waking nightmare, not a dream.
Some say a hoax; the fog spreads.

By C.E. Pereira
(I hope and pray a cure will be found.)