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Will time tell a different story?

The words and the images were in my imagination. I just needed to ink the blank page and paint the white canvas.
– Artwork by C.E. Pereira

Once, a white canvas. Pure.
Along the way, life changes.
A tear in the canvas expands.
Then explodes into darkness.

Scattered against a black canvas.
Lessons scorched in the depths.
Putting back the pieces takes courage.
Sometimes the damage is not fixable.

The tomorrows that won’t matter.
For today’s pain is endless.
And yesterday cannot be erased.
Pain makes it impossible to think.

Like a soldier, stoic and silent.
A perfect mask, none the wiser.
The day continues without a ripple.
No one will ever see what’s hidden.

Nothing is real except the pain.
Caught in a dream web, yet awake.
Will time tell a different story?
Take courage; a new day dawns.

By C.E. Pereira