You don’t fit anywhere


you don’t fit anywhere
always on the outside looking inside
Never a part of any groups
An island, alone, solitary.

fear looms, larger than life
a room full of people
conversations dragging, drowning
the mind in knots, tangled

like a square peg
trying to fit into a round hole
different in every way
trying to be same as everyone

a raft afloat, drifting along
directed by the current
spinning and tossing
pulled in every direction

wanting to be rescued
yet afraid of help
hands reaching out
yet afraid none will catch

you don’t fit anywhere
a lonesome feeling
shut outside the window
the cold a constant friend

they don’t stay long enough
to see the real you
always in a hurry
they miss knowing you

rouge around the edges
none seeing the inside
unless chipped away
like a rare gem, hidden deep

you sigh, wishing for more
strangers you meet, friends now
soon, friends no more
distant, strangers again

if you are lost for now
in a world of touch and go
fleeting faces light up
can you see a friend amidst

By C.E. Pereira