My world today


Good news is scarce in today’s world.
On the front page of the newspaper,
not a single piece that lifts the soul.
A can of worms spreading rapidly.

Hit the Enter key, into the Web caught,
a fast-paced world of information to absorb,
as equally fast, news is dispersed,
our focus tuned to the monitor, all else ceases.

Facebook and Twitter, tools of wildfire,
spreading in split seconds worldwide,
What once was a world divided by oceans
now a world of Internets’ without borders.

Time spent on the computer increasing,
Surfers of cyberspace slaves without knowing.
I timed myself the hours spent on the Net,
the illusion created, of time lost, of me alone.

I cry for what is lost, the human touch.
This world of the Internet, cold and untouchable,
Talking with a friend over a cup of coffee fading,
Social media the way of communication today.

We are turning into introverts, reality lost
the touch between each other – a keyboard.
The Internet is spreading its web,
and at what price will humanity pay.

By C.E. Pereira