Behind the curtain of rain

The day started out gloomy.
Dark clouds and rain.
My mood as damp as the weather.
Nothing kept me warm.

I looked out the window.
For the tenth time I sighed.
The weather wasn’t going to let up.
I prowled for something to do.

I usually like rainy days.
Of snuggling, of reading.
And hot coffee and chocolate.
Yet, today felt gloomy; restless.

I felt trapped indoors.
I was getting cabin fever.
A smile tug at my lips.
The drama queen in me.

I snuggled down with a book.
Or tried to once more…
with another cup of coffee.
While the sun remained hidden.

Behind the curtain of rain I stood.
I had too much time for reflection.
An idle mind filling up with darkness.
The cold outside seeping into me.

I dozed off on the couch.
My sleep troubled; restless.
Searching for the sun.
Lost in the fog of rain; crying.

By C.E. Pereira