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I don’t recognise this new world

Artwork by C.E. Pereira

It is year two of the NEW normal.
Each of us still in our own life boats.
The beacon of light shines hope.
But, I don’t recognise this new world.

Anxious! I can’t see in your boat.
A cocoon behind an invisible wall.
Anger and helplessness in control.
Frustration and paranoial in my boat.

Anger, at how the virus came about.
Helplessness at what is lost.
Tossed in a whirlpool, a blackhole.
As paranoial throws the oars away.

Tiredness in my bones! Will this end?
I see red everywhere; patience gone.
Silence and despair in the boat.
With fears manifesting paranoial.

A year of adapting in this NEW world.
With social distancing, paranoial reigns.
Stay safe; be safe! A mantra chanted.
This boat I am in, is the NOW prison.

By C.E. Pereira