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Why would I dream of winter?

The only kind of snowman I’ve encountered. – by C.E. Pereira

I’ve not experienced falling snow.
Nor a snow storm or blizzard.
I’ve never built a snowman.
Nor been in a snow fight.

A frozen pond on a winter’s day.
To imagine skating on ice.
Oh, to think of such fun.
I can almost savor it.

Of sliding down snow slopes.
Exhilarating, on a toboggan.
Go skiing, go snowboarding.
I dream on a sunny afternoon.

Blizzards in the cold of winter.
Safe in the warmth of a home.
Cosy at the fireside, reading.
Drinking a hot cup of cocoa.

Some might call me nuts.
For summer is always mine.
So, why would I dream of winter?
I must be nuts after all.

By C.E. Pereira