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Trains: Steam Engines and Locomotives

By C.E. Pereira

My posting here is on my Trains: Steam Engines and Locomotives. I hope you enjoy the ride. But before that I’d like to tell you a short story about that kid who loves trains.

If I were to list my indoor and outdoor games, or my interest and hobbies it will be numerous.

I wanted to do so many things and I felt like I was trying to catch up on lost time. Something new was always catching my attention. This could be because, as a child I wanted to do so many things but was always discouraged by the lack of money.

Stamp collecting was possible as it was free. So collecting stamps during my childhood was a hobby I could have. I imagined about those countries on the stamp. And I was blessed, I got to travel to these places when I was an adult. I still have those stamps.

Another hobby I had was reading. It was also free. I borrowed books from the school library. My love for reading followed me into adulthood and continues to be my number one, all time favourite hobby.

The love for writing (mainly poems) only started when I was in my 20’s and has stayed with me.

Now, let me take you to when I fell in love with trains. Growing up I was fascinated by those ‘Iron Horses’, the great Steam Locomotives. And my Dad worked for the Malayan Railways. How cool was that. My first train ride was awesome and magical. My imagination ran riot. I saw an Iron Dragon puffing out smoke and hissing steam. To be that kid again, what magic!

From that day, I fell in love with those iron giants. And that kid could only admire anything and everything about Steam engines and locomotives from a distance. It was too expensive a hobby to have.

I would drool at the shop windows. And could only dream about those Steam engines.

Now, I have a huge locomotive collection. But mine is not the electric model train hobby, although I do have two sets of these. I collect anything and everything about locomotive. This includes books, keychains, framed photos, magazines, miniatures, models, decoratives, etc.

Before I bore you, let me take you on a tour of my train collection below.

By C.E. Pereira

My Trains: Steam Engines and Locomotives