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Our world locked in this dream

1. Surrounded by the virus. 2. The abyss of the monster. – Black Canvas by C.E. Pereira.

Bogeymen filled nightmares.
Dragons spewing flames.
Monsters in the closets.
Fear, the spice of dreams.

Run, run! Escape is futile!
My lungs are bursting.
This cannot be happening.
I wake up, heart pounding.

We are all locked in a dream.
But not the same nightmare.
The dreamscape changes.
Yet, each day the dream continues.

It is one dream; many nightmares.
Nightmares we try to awake from.
Where death claims, fear traps.
Trapped! Where is the cure?

Our world locked in this dream.
Humanity living in nightmare.
There is no place that is safe.
Except home, safe indoors.

By C.E. Pereira