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If I had one wish

Raindrops on the windscreen during a stormy night. – Photo by C.E. Pereira

There are times I fall into some dark, cold place. Invisible monsters live here and feed on fear, pain and sadness. On this plateau of turmoil emotions, I see the words forming within. No matter what, when I write the words down it has a calming, if not a healing effect on me.

There is gloom here.
It is stuck to my skin.
Happiness didn’t stay.
Sadness took over.

If I had one wish!
I’d not wish for sunset.
I’d not wish for moonlight.
I’d wish today was not.

Anger grows more.
It eats at happiness.
What remains is sadness.
The body slumps in defeat.

If I had one wish!
I’d not wish for sunrise.
I’d not wish for dawn.
I’d wish tomorrow gone.

It is the little things.
They keep adding up.
Faster and faster it piles.
A little spark, it’ll explode.

If I had one wish!
I’d not wish for time.
I’d not wish for years.
I’d wish this moment ends.

A place of darkness.
Never a time to decide.
Step back. Step away.
Or just walk away.

If I had one wish.
I’d not trust myself.
To turn; to walk away.
To wish this wish gone.

Weakness of the body.
Joy is but a flash.
Grief, your shadow.
A call to being human.

If I had one wish.
I’d wish evil gone.
I’d savour this wish.

Anger clouds judgement.
Lost in a mist of red.
If I had one wish.
I’d be wise not use.

By C.E. Pereira