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An insult to God


I would like to think that I’m as humourous as the next person. But reading “The People’s Prayer” just made me feel sad and angry at the same time. Some humourous Christian used the Lord’s Prayer as their template to provoke and poke fun. This is not funny. The responsible thing is to delete it, NOT forward it. Some lines you never cross. The poem below that I wrote sheds some light to my personal feelings.

An insult to God

Someone changed the words.
They were being humourous?
Oh! Their creative skills in play.
Use the Lord’s Prayer as a template!

Where would you draw the line?
Or speak up against the writer.
Would you call this blasphemous?
Or would you make excuses.

This joke has been circulating.
It is spreading like a vile virus.
We all fall short of the standard
of holiness God has set for us.

What you think as humourous,
might be an insult to another.
Who is this humourous Christian?
The devil is laughing merrily.

This is the dark cloud.
But there is a silver lining….
Hit the delete button.
Humour me! Make it right.

By C.E. Pereira