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My lessons began in high school


Majority has the most power.
In school it was the Chinese.
In church it was the Indians.
In government it was the Malays.

High school was a rite of passage.
Minorities get left behind, if silent.
Against all odds, to raise their voice.
To be heard over the drowning noise.

All the girls were Chinese.
A sprinkle of Indian boys.
Amidst all the Chinese boys.
Then me, a single Eurasian.

The Indians had their group.
Did they feel any pressure?
I, a group of one. Singular.
Of a different race and religion.

Usually outside the circle.
But don’t misread me.
We talked, we laughed.
Just… to much effort for them.

Did they try to include me?
Their language dominated.
They kept forgetting I was there.
And revert to speaking Chinese.

It wasn’t on purpose.
Unintentionally, I was left out.
But never deliberately.
I was one among hundreds.

I adapted. I blended in.
I observed. I concluded.
I am Eurasian. Mixed.
No dominance. Equal parts.

My friends talked in Chinese.
Forgetting me. Not on purpose.
If the majority was Malay or Indian,
they will talk in their languages.

Majority continues to dominate.
I’m a minority. A tiny speck.
It is easy to forget I exist.
My lessons began in high school.

By C.E. Pereira



I'm a Eurasian of Portuguese, English, Scottish and Malay heritage. And my extended family are of Chinese and Indian heritage. In recent years, the younger generation have added on to include spouses from the Philippines, Nigeria and Russia. My world is made up of different colours like the rainbow. And like the rainbow I am unique. Reading is my form of relaxation, to escape from the drudgery of daily life and enter into a world of the imagination. It is the love of reading that has led me to try my hand in writing short stories and poems. I hope that in some way my stories and poems will take you for a little while away from the drudgery of the present into the pages of imagination. To new friends found, I bid you, Welcome. Sincerely, C.E. Pereira

7 thoughts on “My lessons began in high school

    1. I’m proud of my mixed heritage. I value the different culture and race that makes me. But I am not one of any. If this makes sense. Thank you for seeing that I am interesting.🌻💝

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