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Until hope sprouts a flicker

(Clockwise: Bridges in Venice 2009, road signs and rail crossings in Alaska 2016. – Pixs by C.E. Pereira)

Life, our journey.
With adventures and dangers.
At bridges and crossroads.
Choices decide our future.

Lit candles on a cake.
Each year to wish upon.
Love and joy to share.
To cherish, to give thanks.

Of celebration of birth.
What happiness it brings.
Then we meet death.
What agony; what sadness.

Happiness is fleeting.
You dance for joy.
Savour its taste.
Inhale its essence.

Of pockets of happiness.
Like freshness after the rain.
The touch of warmth.
For life is filled with pain.

Treasure your happiness.
Plant love in your heart.
With the kiss of love.
These, balms to heal.

Life is full of potholes.
We fall into them.
Pain. Hurt. Tears.
The air sucked out.

Nothing but pain remains.
Happiness, but a memory.
We cease to remember joy.
Until hope sprouts a flicker.

By C.E. Pereira