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I surrender to sleep


I am praised.
For caring. For love.
You are wrong.

This is my duty.
My responsibility.
I cannot turn away.
Life is not all roses.

God, unreachable.
Love is lost inside.
Duty reigns.
Thoughts shelfish.

Taking the praises.
I don’t protest.
Not denying.
Yet, I feel guilty.

Dark thoughts.
I feel trapped.
The short straw.
I dislike Me!

Is it me only?
You feel the weight?
Decisions made.
Was it the right one?

I see nothing ahead.
The candle flickers.
Dutifully I pray.
God, still oceans away.

I wait for night to come.
I surrender to sleep.
I leave my burden out.
Into my dreams, I sigh.

By C.E. Pereira