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Alone in your reality


Days ahead, look bleak.
Screams, cries and fear.
A replay each day.
What do I do now?

Not yet at death’s door.
But, then again….
My urge to get away.
A resign sigh escapes.

I cannot run away.
That is wrong.
I’m trying to be strong.
To be strong for you.

Friends show concern.
They visit a few times.
Then, silence follows.
Only a handful continue.

There were two Priest.
And then two Pastors.
Also, the prayer group.
Where are they now?

They reassured her.
Of God’s love and mercy.
Calmness; but for a day.
Then a replay of each day.

Dementia never left.
The unseen is back.
Tormenting continues.
Fear is all you know.

It’s the witching hour.
Your screams are loud.
Tired and impatient, I am.
My voice… high pitched.

Dementia spiralling free.
Hallucination having fun.
Reality fragmented.
Your mind shutting down.

Alone in your reality.
Trapped! Locked inside.
Nothing can be done.
So, I pray. I try to comfort.

By C.E. Pereira