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Cat nap

It’s nap time: Twilight (top). Bottom from left: Shadow, Misty and Pumpkin.

It’s nap time. Don’t they look like good little angels? Well, don’t be fooled. They’re rascals when awake.

The click of my camera woke two of the darlings up. Misty looks wide awake. She is the quiet one. Always keeping to herself, the anti-social I call her. As for Pumpkin he is the most mischievious of the lot. And the youngest, at seven months old.

Twilight and Shadow are sleeping like logs. Twilight all curled up in her bed while Shadow looks like she might get a neck ache propped up against the table leg.

I have a little quiet time when all four are asleep. If Pumpkin is awake he will disturb the rest, especially Twilight. He goes into attack mode and jumps on Twilight and bites her. And I’ll be shouting or is it yelling or screaming for him to stop. A smack on his rump usually calms him down.

Shadow usually is the one to put Pumpkin in his place. She plays with him but when he over steps the play line she pounces on him in attack mode. He then sulks away in a yelp to hide for a while.

All four of my cats have such different characters. But asleep they look the same…like little cuddley furballs, my angels.


By C.E. Pereira