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Thou shalt not kill


To be a Christian.
Thou shalt not kill.
To live as a Christian.
Forgiving is hard.

Churches get blown up.
No revenge to kill.
Death of Christians.
No retaliation to kill.

Those willing to kill.
Who are they?
Muslim terrorists?
No. Call them fanatics.

Religious extremist.
Without conscience.
God’s word distorted.
The mind cannot reason.

All religion have them.
Fanatics. Extremists.
They spread fear.
They kill in God’s name.

Bombs strapped on.
Who are they?
Suicide bombers.
They work for Death.

Where will they strike?
Places of worship.
Are they Satan’s army?
You tell me, are they?

A hymn for Sri Lanka.
Death reaped plenty.
Yet, paradise won souls.
Their cries, God heard.

By C.E. Pereira