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The past never quite left behind


Flashes in past pictures.
A young girl abandoned.
In a time of war.
To wave goodbye.

The woman dropped off,
A little girl and her brother.
The little ones in tears.
Then, their mother was gone.

She is sent to her sister.
Of her brother, taken away.
“Salvation Army” it read.
Gone! Never to return.

Down the road of abandondment.
To another sister she goes to.
But even this is temporary.
Until the Convent becomes home.

Years later, love enters.
A young wife and mother.
Strong, protective and loving.
Her children her life.

A widow for more years,
Then that of marriage life.
In calm and raging waters.
She walked strong.

Yet, one fear remained.
Abandonment! Unwanted.
Seeking reassurance always.
The past never quite left behind.

By C.E. Pereira