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To visualise pain


Stomach walls contract.
Cold sweat breaks out.
As legs turn to jelly.
The mind visualising pain.

It is worse than a splinter.
Or a needle piercing.
Multiply by a hundred.
Each second constant pain.

A throbing toothache?
No, much worse.
A massive migraine?
No, worse than this.

With teeth clenched.
Ouch! Each step an agony.
More pain triggers the senses.
Where is relief found?

This gnawing pain.
It is constant; continuous.
Relief is just a word.
Pain is indescribable.

Of painkillers taken.
Brings temp relief only.
Pain returns, magnified.
There is no relief found.

How? Oh, how?
To rather a temp relief.
This crack! This break!
The mind triggers the senses.

By C.E. Pereira