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My mother is in so much pain


My Notebook: Printed Pages – 8

By C.E. Pereira

To my dear fellow poets and writers, who have become my long distance friends. I am having a couple of emotional roller-coaster days.

Last Saturday morning, around 3 o’clock my mother vomitted blood. Since then she has had two endoscope for her stomach.

First endoscope they found two ulcers which they clipped to prevent further bleeding.

The ulcers could be from the painkiller she’s on or the long term usage of Asprin as a blood thinner.

On Monday when the doctor asked us to come in, I rushed to the hospital. They wanted to do a second stomach endocsope as they found blood in her stool. Results showed the clips were still intact. No bleeding in the stomach.

This morning the doctor called us to come in again. Her stool was very black. As usual I rushed there to sign the necessary papers for another endoscope but this time they wanted to do a colonscope.

Then around 12 noon, the doctor said they’d hold of the procedure as her red blood cells were stable.

From Saturday until now my mother has been either fasting or on clear liquid or milk or poridge. She looks so pale and fragile. And she keeps asking to go home.

My mother is 88 years old. It is so very hard to see her in so much pain and there is nothing I can do.

Hope tomorrow there won’t be bleeding.

My prayers started by asking God to heal her. I said the Rosary. Today, I told God I leave it in His hands, in His mercy and compassion.

Am I praying for my mother or for me? I have no answer. Only God knows what’s in my heart.

(I’ll be taking a break from posting for a while. But I will continue reading your post. For now, I will sign off with good wishes and positive thoughts to all of you.)

🍁 (13-3-2019)