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Could I have done more?


They’re just like kids.
You tell them not to.
But they defy you.
And get hurt because.

My mother defies me.
She knows she needs caring.
Yet, there are days
she gets into trouble.

This time she’s not lucky.
She got up on her own.
She didn’t use the bell,
And fell with painfull result.

Yesterday to the hospital.
The X-ray showed a fracture.
Doctors said no to surgery.
As her age a factor. She’s 88.

A weeks bed rest for now.
Meds given for bone; joints.
What happens after a week?
I dare not think beyond this.

I did everything possible.
To ensure that she is safe.
Yet, why do I feel guilty?
Could I have done more?

By C.E. Pereira